Hydraulic Drilling Jumbos, CYTJ45 (TDS81)



  • powerful drilling capabilities. This makes it an ideal machine for use in large-scale drilling projects, such as those used in mining and tunneling operations.


  • Advanced hydraulic system.  This means that the CYTJ45 can complete drilling projects quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and cost of drilling operations.


  • Be easy to operate and maintain.  It features a user-friendly control panel that allows operators to easily control the machine's movements and drilling operations. 
Power (drifter) 20 kW / 18 kW /18.8 kW
Total length (feed) 5450 / 6040 mm
Hole depth 3370 / 3970 mm
Boom extension 1250mm
Boom swing angle ±35°
Boom (lift/tilt angle) 53° 30°
Overall weight 13.5 T
Cable length 70 m
Feed force 13 / 13 /15 kN
Overall dimensions


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