Tapered Rods


Taper Drill Rods

With one side connected to rock drill and the other side connected with taper drill bit, the taper drill rod transmits power from rock drill to bit, drilling work is thus performed. Tapered drill rod is a further development of the integral drill rods. It usually has a forged collar to maintain the proper shank striking face position in the rock drill. Tapered drill rod effective lengths are measured from the collar to the bit end, which are usually from 0.6 meter to 3.6 meters.

Taper Drill Rods Parameters

• Shank sizes: Hex.19mm, Hex. 22mm, Hex.25mm

• Taper degrees: 4°46’, 6°, 7°, 11°, 12°.

• Length: 400 - 8000mm.

Taper Drill Rods Features

• Carburizing process is applied to promote surface hardness, thus grant better wearing quality and lifespan for the drill rods;

• 23CrNi3Mo, which is in same league as Sandvik Sandbar 64, is applied as drill rod material.

• Cost-effective, good performance with reasonable price.

• Complete types of drill rod for various drilling scenarios.

Taper Drill Rods Applications

Drilling duties in tunneling, construction, mining, quarrying, etc.


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