TDS ROC B3 Split hydraulic DTH drilling rig

Feed System

Powerful, fast energy supply,  high speed, improves footage  efficiency.

Rotary system

Large-torque stepless speed-adjustable,  stable and long-lasting rotational  power, suitable for various rock  working conditions.

Walking System

Two-speed detachable  hydraulic traveling mechanism. Automatic leveling device,  can walk smoothly and  traverse various complex terrains.


Equipped with multiple  fault alarms, intuitive  and easy to maintain.

Hydraulic Dust Collector

Standard two-stage dry dust collector High-power vacuum cleaner, 16m2filter area Removable dust hood for precise dusting on  rough working surfaces.

Power System

Equipped with Cummins diesel engine,  powerful and meets the National IV  emission standards.High wind pressure  and large displacement air compressor,  high energy efficiency ratio.


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