TDS ROC D45 DTH Integrated Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig


TDS ROC D45 is a new product launched by TDS, which is based on more than 27 years of research and development experience and customer feedback.Compared with traditional split drilling rigs, the TDS ROC D45 automatic rod-changer drilling rig greatly reduces operating time,saves fuel consumption and labor costs,takes into account high safety and reliability, and meets environmental protection requirements. The applicable hole range is 115-152mm, which is an efficient equipment for your engineering construction. This machine is widely used in uninterrupted mining for open-pit mines such as cement,metallurgy, coal mines, and quarries, as well as blast hole drilling in engineering construction such as railways, highways, water conservancy and hydropower, and national defence construction.


Two-stage screw air compressor and engine

The American Sullivan-Palatek Sailivan air compressor was founded in 1868, and its screw assembly is world-renowned for it’s high efficiency, reliability and long life. It delivers 21 m³/min air under a pressure of 24 bars to achieve high penetration and strong slag discharge, helping to ensure the straightness of the hole and less cuttings. The powerful Cummins engine is equipped with a dual maintenance-free automatic injection system, which is a stable guarantee for the power of the entire machine.


Control System

TDS ROC D45 adopts a direct control system, which is easy to operate and maintain. The direct control system uses fewer components, which can reduce failures and improve reliability and service efficiency. For the stability of the system, we use well-known hydraulic components to ensure the reliability and durability of the drilling rig.



Spacious cab with hydraulic pilot handle, air conditioner and other optional equipment, offers a more comfortable operation experience to you. The indoor noise is lower than 85db.


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