TDS ROC D65 All-In-One DTH Automatic Drilling Rig


TDS ROC D65 is an All-In-One hydraulic DTH drilling rig dedicated to drilling large bore holes (138-235mm) which brings you more automation, higher working efficiency, better reliability and simpler operation.Atlas Copco air end built into the drill rig ensure the supplier of air.The FOPS-approved cabin and automatic rod exchange system come standard. Heavy-duty undercarriage with wide tracks ensures both extreme maneuverability and improved safety. The hydraulic dust collecting system meets the latest environmental protection regulations and it's a reliable solution to realize the modern green mining. 

More efficient drilling operations with less downtime
TDS ROC D65 Automatic Drilling Rig enables complete control and orientation of drilling rig functions through a single control source. Designed to help enable safer, more efficient, and lower cost operations while reducing downtime, the system can be configured as any number of HMIs.

TDS ROC D65 interfaces with key rig components using remote I/O mounted on the draw-works, top drive, mud pump and drill floor. All controls are accessible from the driller's room through a combination of touchscreen, discrete operator and simple joystick controls.

Additional features for stick/slip mitigation
Used to reduce stick/slip vibration during rotary drilling. The plug-in offers a number of advantages that allow customers to drill more aggressively for longer periods of time.

TDS works with you to tailor products for your rig. This close cooperation optimizes performance, efficiency and safety while maximizing equipment life. Experienced technical and service team members are available 24/7 to ensure drilling operations are carried out as efficiently and safely as possible.


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