TDS ROC D8 DTH Drilling Rig for large-bore open-pit blasting operation  TDS ROC D8 out-pit DTH drilling rig is an efficient hydraulic integrative drilling rig, which is suit for high-level and large-bore open-pit blasting operation with various rock hardness.

Diesel and diesel-electric dual power are suit for different mine choices.Reasonable rotating speed and feed system are designed for different rock features to ensure high drilling efficiency.

The machine designed by required of hole diameter and depth, which accurately set engine and compressor and exert maximum impact frequency of DTH Hammer to accomplished ideal drilling economy.

High operating rotating speed,large axial-load cutting drilling system were designed, which based on the working requirement related to soft rock.Matching medium or low pressure compressor to achieve drilling demand which need to be faster and more economic.

It has a high drilling frame structure and four-point hydraulic expansion leg suitable for large-scale mining, which has excellent ground adaptability.


The cab provides safe operation environment for operators,intensive design of electronic buttons and hydraulic handles with reasonable layout.

Automatic Connecting and Unloading rod device

The automatic drill rod library is equipped with bionic manipulator and rotary drill rod storage. An operator can complete the work of connecting like unloading rods and drilling holes, reducing the difficulty of operation, saving labor, to achieve the high efficiency and reliability performance.

Dust removal system 

Two-stage dry dust removal system or high-pressure water dust removal system can effectively reduce dust and maintain a clean working environment.

Two-stage Screw Compressor

Can be equipped with a variety of international brands (Sullair, Airman, Sullivan Palatek, Doosan, Gardner Denver...)of two-screw compression host, to ensure a higher impact frequency, and a good slag effect.


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