TDS ROC S55 DTH Drilling Rig


TDS ROC S55 DTH Integrated Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig

   TDS ROC S55 is integrated open-air down-the-hole drilling rig, integrates down-the-hole drilling rigs and mobile air compressors, with compact structure, flexible maneuverability, and convenient displacement and transition. The drilling rig is equipped with two-stage dry dust removal, which has an excellent effect on resisting dust emission; at the same time, it is equipped with a mechanized manual rod changing system, which can complete rod loading, unloading and drilling by a single person. 

The equipment is mainly used in ore, limestone mining, road construction and other open-pit projects.

Easy to use
Intuitive control system using a combination of joysticks and buttons. The cab has a wide field of vision, the state and process of drilling, loading and unloading rods are clear at a glance, and the process is controllable;

Easy maintenance
The layout of the oil pipes is reasonable, and each oil pipe in the reel is in the corresponding guide groove to avoid mutual
friction between the oil pipes and improve the life of the rubber hose. Both ends of the oil pipe and cable are marked with
circles for easy maintenance;

The engine meets the new emission requirements of TIER III/Stage 3, combines an air compressor and an automatic lever changer, and can be operated by one person. The compact structure and efficient system save fuel consumption compared with the split machine.

Electrical System
Integrated SIEMENS LOGO logic controller, the circuit is simple, the wiring is clear, and both ends of the cable are marked with circles for easy identification;
Fewer electrical components, easy maintenance;
Using electromagnetic reversing valve, the operation is simple and convenient;

Hydraulic control system
High reliability gear pump;
Easy-to-operate direct control system;
Reasonable layout of pipelines, with marking circles at both ends of the tubing;
Simple design, easy to maintain and easy to troubleshoot.
Use hydraulic pumps and valves from world famous brands like Pomco, Rexroth and Hydrocontrol ;

Air compressor
Equipped with bipolar high-pressure large-displacement head, high and stable air output, high perforation efficiency and low energy consumption.

Adopt rubber shock-absorbing fixed installation, safe and reliable;
Standard air conditioning, multi-directional adjustable chair, comfortable working environment. It is also equipped with a
two-dimensional level, rear-view mirror, fire extinguisher, reading light, and working headlight;
Front window and sunroof wipers, emergency stop and other auxiliary devices;
The noise level less than 85dB(A);

Walking system
Three-tooth crawler shoes, heavy-duty crawler frame, stable walking, strong off-road ability, adapt to various terrain conditions;
Hydraulic two-speed travel motor, with mechanical brake release mechanism, can be towed;
Ground clearance: 380 mm;
Track frame swing angle: 10°

Hydraulic dust collector
Adopt two-stage dry dust collector;
High-power vacuum motor, 19m2 filter area;
Standard pre-separator, removable dust hood;

Safety and environmental protection
The dust collector greatly improves the working environment;
Equipped with a pole changing device with a guardrail to avoid the risk of manual connection and unloading of the pole;
Reversing warning and emergency stop switch;
Safe and comfortable air-conditioned cab;

Drill boom
Single straight arm, using high-strength welding parts; motor plus chain type propulsion mechanism, steel propulsion beam;
All movements are unobstructed from the cab;







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