TDS ROC T45 Top Hammer


TDS ROC T45 Hydraulic Top Hammer Open-pit Drilling Machine


TDS ROC T45 Hydraulic top-hammer open-pit drill adopts the world-famous YAMAMOTO high-power hydraulic hammer to perform perforation operation, which is suitable for all kinds of medium-sized open-pit mines and quarries. The TDS ROC T45 has fast perforation speed,high production efficiency,low comprehensive oil consumption and effective dust removal system.

Hydraulic Rock Drill

YAMA YH-100 is the core component of the drilling machine, which can directly affects the reliability and service life of the whole machine. YH-100 is top reliable and durable from the YAMAMOTO in Japan, which has supplied a series of hydraulic rock drills to world’s OEM since 1979. The impact power is 20.6KW, impact frequency up to 2500bpm, it is in the best situation of drilling operations with a borehole 76-127mm.

Air Compressor

US Sullivan - Palatek, a world-renowned manufacturer of rotary screw air compressor at world market for high-efficiency, reliability, long service life. The volume is 10.5 m³/min at working pressure 10.5 bar. It can provide sufficient washing volume and smooth discharge of rock debris even under complicated geological conditions.

Control System

The unique rock drilling control system can automatically adjust the propulsion speed,feed pressure,rotary torque,impact pressure according to the rock condition to get the best working condition and eliminate abnormal accidents, stuck drill,thread wear. The components are from famous brands to ensure the reliability and durability of the whole machine.



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