TDS Y19A Rock Drill


Y19A Hand Held Rock Drills

   Y19A hand-held gas-leg rock drill is mainly used in the development of small quarries, mining operations in coal mines, limestone mines and other small mines, rock drilling and blasting in road construction in mountainous areas, and irrigation and water conservancy construction.

  The machine is also suitable for drilling in secondary blasting and other engineering construction of large mines.

  Y19A type of hand air leg type dual purpose drill is matched with FT100 type air leg, which can be used for dry and wet drilling on medium hard or hard rock.

  This machine can be used together with a small air compressor of 1.5-2.5 cubic meters/min. Its performance is better than similar products.

Drilling Depth: 5M
Drill Rod: B22
Weight: 19Kg


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